Monthly Archives: December 2010

Application deadline.

We will begin to review applications on Feb 1 2011 and continue reviewing applications until all of the slots for fall 2011 are filled.


How do I find a supervisor?

Think about the neuroscience research questions that you find most interesting.

Then browse through the research interests of the faculty on the
mobile app or the MiNDS website.

Finally contact the potential supervisor.

We have more detailed info about finding a supervisor on our blog —

Do I need to find a supervisor before I apply to MiNDS?

You do not need to find a supervisor prior to completing the application however, all students admitted to the program must have the support of a supervisor.

What is the english language requirement?

Minimum test scores required for Graduate study at McMaster:


  • 92 (iBT-Internet-based)


  • 6.5 min score overall
  • Academic; not General
  • 5.5 min score in each section

What is the status of my application?

Please check your application status at
Applications will be updated within 7 business days of items being received by the program.