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Got a question???

Got a question about applying to the MiNDS program?  Ask away using the comments below and I’ll do my best to help.


Application steps can be done in any order.

You can complete the application steps in any order.

If you need to update one of the steps of your application just resubmit that step.  We use the most recently submitted step for your application.

How many apps to MiNDS

There have been 100-150 applicants to the MiNDS program each year since it started in 2007.  We anticipate a similar number of applications for fall 2011.  Get your application in early for the best chance of acceptance into the program.

Complete all the on-line steps

It is important to complete all of the on-line steps to apply to the MiNDS program.  Some students skip over the CV and just send in a paper copy.  Be sure to enter all of your information into the CV sections.  This is a very important part of the evaluation process because it gives us standardized information about all of the applicants.