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Finding a supervisor

One of the most common questions that I’m asked is “how do I find a supervisor? I’ve sent email but not had any replies.” The best thing you can do is to talk to your current professors. And I mean talk to them, don’t email, drop by their office and chat. Tell them what you want to do, who you think you want to work with, and ask them for advice. You can also ask them if they can help you to get in contact with a supervisor.


Direct entry to PhD

MiNDS accepts direct entry to the PhD program from students who have a strong research and academic background.

The interest in joining the MiNDS program to do a PhD is very strong. Students love the flexible, research focused program and the large number of outstanding supervisors.

We are very happy to get applications from students who are looking for a supportive, collaborative, interdisciplinary neuroscience program for their PhD studies.

Review of applications continues

We are busy with the process of reviewing applications to the MiNDS program.

Once again there have been many outstanding applications for graduate studies in the MiNDS program from students interested in both MSc and PhD studies.

It takes a couple of weeks to complete the initial review of the applications and then the applications are made available for supervisors to look for a student.

If you have been in touch with a supervisor be sure to follow-up with them and ask if they have had an opportunity to look at your application material.

Live Q & A feb 9th, psychology lounge

Drop in for a live and interactive q & a session with me ( dr Murphy) and students from the MiNDS program.

Wed feb 9 th, 4pm, psychology building lounge 2 nd floor

See you there

MiNDS still accepting applications for 2011

The MiNDS program does not have an application deadline.  You can submit your application at any time.  BUT… We begin to review application on Feb 1 and start making admission offers soon after until all of the slots for the fall are filled.  So it is best to get your application in quickly to have the best chance of gaining admission to the MiNDS program.

Got a question???

Got a question about applying to the MiNDS program?  Ask away using the comments below and I’ll do my best to help.

How many apps to MiNDS

There have been 100-150 applicants to the MiNDS program each year since it started in 2007.  We anticipate a similar number of applications for fall 2011.  Get your application in early for the best chance of acceptance into the program.